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Green at you equips people for the new green and digital jobs through skilling and re-skilling in 5 key sub-sectors:


Given the growth and great potential for generating employment in the green sector, Green at you aims to make these job opportunities more inclusive and egalitarian by facilitating access to the sector for people in vulnerable situations and thus reducing their risk of exclusion.

The project will make an exhaustive analysis of the technical skills needed to access these jobs with the help of companies and experts.

It will also match the EU competence frameworks EntreComp, GreenComp and DigComp supported by EU level consultations to identify the key transversal competences for these jobs.



Green at you is based on a social innovation methodology to adapt and make innovative improvements in the VET offered by educational and public and private employment services providers: starting from an in-depth analysis of the challenge, the needs and opportunities of the sector for employment and entrepreneurship, and then devising and piloting a series of micro-credential certified training modules for groups at risk of social exclusion.


The project builds on the results already generated by the Green Jobs Platform in Spain, providing more specific content to expand its training offer in specific subsectors and facilitating the transfer of the successful elements of this initiative to other European countries.

The consortium will generate 58 training modules supported by micro-credentials and will train and improve the employability or entrepreneurship skills in the sector of a total of 480 people at risk of exclusion at European level: 240 in face-to-face format through trainers trained by the project and 240 through the Green at you MOOC.

In addition, the project will carry out a series of actions to raise awareness and involve a strong network of alliances between key actors, employers, experts and policy makers.

Their contributions to the analysis of needs and opportunities and active involvement during the implementation of the project will be fundamental to design sustainable and scalable training solutions.


Green jobs

5 Key sub-sectors

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Green at you aims to increase the employability of groups with more difficulties to access the labour market by providing them the key green, digital and entrepreneurial skills that the labour market need, by microcredentials, to take advantage of the opportunities generated by the emerging green sectors.

Among those groups, the project focuses on:

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